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KK-03 Super Readers

Reading to or with your child is so important.  When reading to your child you will build their listening comprehension, you will model reading left to right, and demonstrate how to hold a book and take care of it.  I hope your child will develop a love for reading as it expands their imagination for success in all academic areas.


Tips For Reading to Your Child:

*Ask your child to identify the front cover, back cover, spine, title, author, illustrator, & title page.

*Ask your child to take a look at the front cover illustration to see if they can tell what they see (this gives them clues to who or what the story is about)

*Ask your child to tell you if the book is a real story or make-believe using the illustration on the front cover

*Ask your child to tell you the job of the author and illustrator


Kindergarteners have a goal of reading 25 books at home with their families for the year.  So many students have reached this goal and have continued to "read" for the stars by reading more than the class goal!


Rewards:      25 books = bookmark    50 books = pencil

              75 books = eagle buck   100 books = a new book


**Don't forget to check my newsletter (Teagarden Times) each week to see how many books everyone has read!


Technology Time!

Want websites for extra practice or to enrich your child's learning?  Check out these websites:


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